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Using great cinema to counter clichés

Debt collection is a shady business. Isn't it? Three short viral films are playing on common preconceptions
The scene is quite eerie: a dark basement, a shady individual and a plastic tub full of concrete. ‘You knew that this time would come. It comes for each of you. We've reached the point of no return’, threatens the man. He then dips the scared boy's feet into the cement. Is he about to give the child 'cement shoes' like the mafia does when they are trying to get unwanted opponents out of the picture? 

Short and charming
Mafia techniques, sleazy figures and nasty intimidation tactics – many people still have images like these in their head when they hear the phrase 'debt collection'. This is what we aim to change. EOS has therefore shot three short, charming films to put these sorts of preconceptions to rest. ‘Instead of bone-dry arguments we are using charming little stories’, explains Lara Flemming, Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing. But the films are intended to do more than get viewers to chuckle. ‘We want to enter into dialogue and explain how debt collection really works’, adds Ms Flemming. The goal is to make receivables management more visible to the public at large. ‘These viral films have been produced to showcase professional debt collection. We are thus taking full responsibility for depicting the more serious side of our industry’, says Klaus Engberding, Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

An accomplished director
We went to some expense producing these video spots. Filming took place last September in Bucharest with a large team. We had previously spent a number of months fine tuning the spots with a selection of film experts – from the first script ideas, storyboard and through to the precise production plan. A renowned director, Silvio Helbig was on the team who has produced a large number of national and international commercials and won many awards. 

If you want to know what happens with the young boy in the basement and learn about the prejudices with which we have to contend, take a look at the films today – on  Facebook YouTube or here.

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A glimpse behind the scenes

In Bucharest in September 2016 the shout was heard ‘And action’. A professional film crew spent two days there shooting the three spots for the EOS campaign. Five actors who were selected beforehand in London plus several extras performed in front of the cameras. Behind the camera was the Berlin-based producer Silvio Helbig who has won many awards with national and international commercials for such companies as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Siemens. Take a look behind the scenes to see how a film is made:

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