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Financial sustainability

EOS advocates strong, binding industry standards and responsibility guidelines. We apply strict criteria when we price portfolio purchases and make other investments.

Digital Responsibility & Cyber Security: How EOS protects sensitive data

Data are the business foundation of the EOS Group. This is why we employ around 90 people across the Group to constantly improve data protection and information security. With the help of monitoring tools, we were able to identify and stop around 600 attempted attacks in 2022/23 alone. As part of the new “Iron EOS” program, we are currently establishing a protection system that will enable us to respond not just quickly but also in a coordinated way across the entire Group.
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Business Ethics & Safeguard Compliance: Helping to shape our sector

The EOS Group is involved in 23 European debt collection associations and various initiatives to help create strict and binding standards and responsible guidelines in the debt collection sector. 

To eliminate irregularities, the EOS Group also operates a platform that offers whistleblowers a protected space and is integrated in the mechanism of the Otto Group. There, employees, suppliers, service providers and customers can report compliance violations at EOS and in the Otto Group. None of the five cases reported in 2022/23 were substantial or necessitated a countermeasure.
EOS in the UN Global Compact: Alisha Kumar and Sibylle Weingart discuss the CR strategy of EOS.

Association work for high standards

Through its membership of numerous national and international associations, EOS is actively working to help design and implement ethical standards in the industry.

Responsible Acquisition of Portfolios & Partnerships: Sound values in collaboration

The business in non-performing loans calls for a high degree of responsibility. As part of a family company, the Otto Group, we are also mindful of pricing that meets the interests and ethical standards of all parties in the long term. For example: In partnership with the World Bank subsidiary International Finance Corporation (IFC), EOS will invest more than €100 million in non-performing loans and real estate in Eastern Europe within three years, in compliance with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards. 

When choosing partners and customers, EOS also applies strict criteria. This includes not just the regular checks of partners and companies in respect of how they handle issues like human rights, money laundering and corruption, but also an industry blacklist.

Our Code of Conduct for service providers, which contains the UN SDGs and clauses from the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act, ensures fair handling by and with suppliers.
During an official ceremony on September 20, 2022, representatives of IFC and EOS formalized their collaboration on the purchase of NPLs and distressed real estate in Eastern Europe. Marwin Ramcke, Vittorio Di Bello, Carsten Tidow, Ariane Di Iorio

Our Code of Conduct: Clear rules for fair interaction

With our Code of Conduct we are creating binding obligations for ourselves in respect of our day-to-day activities. The defined principles of the conduct are a reliable point of reference for our employees, customers and partners and are accessible to everyone on the websites of the EOS companies. We are constantly refining the Code of Conduct. What is special about it is that it closely reflects the reality of the target group for which it was created. To complement this document we are offering our employees learning modules on this topic.
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