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A headshot shows Cristian Musat, Managing Director EOS Technology Solutions and the ‘brains’ of the Kollecto+ project.

Debt collection software: More efficiency thanks to standardized system.

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In the Kollecto+ collection system, all EOS companies pool their knowledge and experience, and in doing so improve the efficiency of the entire Group.
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A group photo shows the EOS Board of Directors (from left to right): Andreas Kropp (Germany), Justus Hecking-Veltman (CFO), Marwin Ramcke (CEO), Carsten Tidow (Eastern Europe) and Dr. Andreas Witzig (Western Europe).

2022/23 fiscal year: The Board of the EOS Group takes stock.

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In this interview, the members of the Board of the EOS Group talk about the positive developments in fiscal 2022/23, employees, diversity, and the responsibility of debt collection companies.
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A photo shows a dilapidated building in Režanci, Croatia. A ‘stranded asset’ that EOS Croatia is putting back on the market.

Stranded assets: EOS creates solutions for unusable real estate.

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The number of unusable properties is growing, partly as a result of increasing requirements for sustainability. EOS is developing new areas of expertise to bring stranded assets like these back onto the market.
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 A graphic shows several people communicating with each other through email, conversations, and letters.

How EOS makes debt collection responsible and fair.

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EOS stands for fair and respectful receivables management. The debt collection company accomplishes this with technology that simplifies processes for consumers and with trained staff.
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A man and a woman having a relaxed-looking conversation, as a symbolic image of a corporate culture where employees have autonomy.

Empowerment: How EOS attracts and retains employees.

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Supporting and encouraging people ensures growth: EOS has created numerous programs that enable employees to grow both personally and professionally.
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Cybersecurity is a top priority for EOS. To achieve this the company is setting up an international protective shield.

EOS Group relies on cutting-edge technology for data protection.

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Using cutting-edge technology, EOS protects the data of customers and consumers from attacks by criminals. The new cyber-shield “Iron EOS” makes this an even faster and more efficient process.
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Financial literacy: Learning at an early age about how to handle money properly can protect people from excessive debt later on.

Financial literacy: How EOS is committed to improving financial skills.

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A lack of financial education can accelerate the path to excessive personal debt, especially among young people. With its debt collection expertise, EOS supports financial literacy programs that aim to counter such developments.
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A photomontage shows a car traveling toward the sunset in the right lane of a paved road in an open, green landscape. The asphalt on the opposite lane is completely worn down.

International debt collection: EOS handles receivables management globally for Hertz.

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Cross-border receivables present both logistical and legal challenges. Car rental company Hertz relies on the expertise of EOS for its international debt collection.
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An illustration shows a man and a woman in business attire shaking hands. In the background is a globe with several locations pinned on it – and a stylized income statement.

International debt collection: How EOS processes receivables worldwide.

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EOS is active in 180 countries with its own companies or selected partners. Banks that regularly sell cross-border debts to EOS also profit from this network.
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An image illustrates the financial insecurity of women amid the crisis: A woman with a calculator looks at a bill and holds her head worriedly.

Study: Is money still ‘men’s business’?

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Who saves more, who makes decisions more confidently, and who has greater financial reserves? An EOS study reveals how differently men and women handle financial issues – and suggests possible reasons.
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Marwin Ramcke, CEO of the EOS Group

EOS CEO Ramcke in an interview: "I'm in the right place!"

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One year ago, Marwin Ramcke took the CEO position at the EOS Group. What were those first 12 months like for him? A look back gives insight.
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Tree planting campaign EOS France: A contribution to environmental protection.

Tree planting campaign EOS France: A contribution to environmental protection

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EOS in France is planting trees to aid reforestation. Read here how the campaign is reinforcing employee awareness of climate protection and contributing to a more sustainable future.
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Financial education for young people: Many young consumers feel financially insecure.

Survey reveals: Young people want more financial education.

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Do you think young people have no desire to deal with their own finances? As a recent survey shows, this is certainly not the case. The level of interest is great – as are their fears for the future.
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Debt in Europe due to inflation: consumers having to tighten purse strings.

Study: One in five people is taking on debt as a result of inflation

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How have rising prices affected the financial situation of consumers? An EOS study reveals that many people have had to take on debt to compensate for inflation.
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This was our financial year 2022/23

Fiscal 2022/23 was characterized by uncertainty. Learn here how the EOS Group nevertheless managed to achieve a positive result. In our Annual and Sustainability Report, you’ll find all our KPIs and business highlights and learn what the EOS Group is doing to meet its ESG (environmental, social and governance) responsibilities.

EOS Studies - This is knowledge.

Knowing what moves the economy and society: That is our claim for the market and consumer studies of EOS. Our studies, which we produce together with renowned market research institutes, offer exciting facts about customer payment behavior, payment methods, digitalization and the benefits of data.
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