Digital debt collection system: The success story of Kollecto+ - EOS Group
Kollecto+ is the digital collection system of EOS.
  • More and more EOS national subsidiaries are working with the digital collection system Kollecto+, which was developed in-house.
  • They benefit from customized features and regular upgrades.
  • Consumers can already resolve issues easily and anonymously via the online portal myEOS.
From Eastern Europe around the world – this, or something along these lines, could be the title of the success story that started 18 years ago at the EOS subsidiary in Romania. At that time, a small team of developers in Bucharest put their heads together for the first time to develop a primarily digital system that could be used across the entire Group. Today, ten of the company’s 24 national subsidiaries are connected to the system – with more to follow.

Kollecto+ is a byword for efficiency and knowledge transfer – but above all also for a new corporate culture. As an international group of companies, EOS has set itself the goal of changing the world of finance for the better. With Kollecto+, it is now providing its national subsidiaries with a tool that enables them to put this mission into practice. It’s a system for everyone that is already mature but whose development potential has not yet been fully exhausted.

Debt collection software: More efficiency thanks to standardized system.

In the Kollecto+ collection system, all EOS companies pool their knowledge and experience, and in doing so improve the efficiency of the entire Group.
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A headshot shows Cristian Musat, Managing Director EOS Technology Solutions and the ‘brains’ of the Kollecto+ project.

Constant refinement of the system.

“Our goal is to cover all core functionalities of the international collections business,” says Daniela Mitroescu, Implementation Manager at EOS IT Services in Romania.“Naturally, this includes taking into account the specific requirements of the countries where the system is being used.” One system to serve many target markets: To all intents and purposes, Kollecto+ is a living product, designed for and inspired by a diverse and constantly growing community all over the world.Based on feedback from the companies connected to the system, new functionalities are being developed daily that are then tailored to the respective target markets.“And this community grows with every country that we connect to the system,” says Daniela.“As a result, our understanding of the preferences and requirements of our users grows too.” Already, Kollecto+ is meeting one key need: The system automates the highly complex collection process and in this way saves the national subsidiaries a lot of time and important resources. 
Daniela Mitroescu, Implementation Manager EOS IT Services in Romania

The community grows with every country that we connect to the system – and as a result, our understanding of the preferences and requirements of our users grows too.

Daniela Mitroescu
Implementation Manager at EOS IT Services in Romania

Consumers benefit from online portal.

Kollecto+ ensures a smooth and primarily digital process in receivables management. This doesn’t just indirectly benefit all EOS customers, but also their customers – i.e., the defaulting consumers. “EOS is committed to targeted communication with defaulting consumers – and this is a principle that is also embodied in Kollecto+,” says Daniela. The main aim is to save the consumers concerned unnecessary contact and instead give them a digital option for settling the issue themselves online.

The Kollecto+ portal, via which consumers can pay their debts easily and anonymously online at EOS, is called myEOS. They do not even have to set up an account to do this. With just a few clicks, they can pay their debts immediately or set up an installment plan appropriate to their financial situation. “The portal offers consumers the option of dealing with the matter themselves,” says Daniela. “Here too, we are working on new features that will make the experience an even smoother one.”

Fourteen countries will soon be connected to Kollecto+.

Alongside the ongoing development of the system, the rollout of Kollecto+ within the EOS Group continues at a steady pace. Three more countries – Poland, Belgium and the Czech Republic – are set to be connected to the system in the course of 2024. And so the success story continues.

If your company would also like to benefit from a fully digitized collection process, please get in touch.

Photo credits: EOS