• Trees planted: 203 
  • Compensated CO₂: 17 tons
  • Hours worked: 114 hours
EOS in France has planted a total of 203 trees in partnership with the organization Reforest'Action to aid reforestation and promote the natural regeneration of forests in central France. The “Let’s plant trees” initiative has made it possible to store 17 tons of CO2, create 342 shelters for animals, and generate oxygen for 456 months. The aim of the action is to integrate new employees and acknowledge the period of employment:1 tree for 1 year of service, 2 trees for 5 years of service, 3 trees for 10 years of service – the calculation can be continued as desired following the same format.
Reforest’Action is a French B Corp-certified company, which is dedicated to conserving and restoring forests in France and around the world, in a bid to develop their numerous ecological, social, and economic benefits on a long-term basis. Thanks to the commitment of 3,000 companies and 400,000 helpers, Reforest‘Action has funded more than 23 million trees in 42 countries.
Delphine Laurent, Process and Method Manager, EOS France

25 years of service means 6 trees planted. What a fabulous initiative on the part of EOS France! I am proud that my length of service has enabled me to plant so many trees.

Delphine Laurent
Process and Method Manager, EOS France
The tree planting campaign is an excellent way of raising awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, while the newly planted trees contribute to climate protection by drawing carbon dioxide from the air, providing a habitat for animals, and helping to preserve biodiversity. The EOS Group has set out its sustainability goals in a Corporate Responsibility Strategy. As an international provider of financial services, social and corporate commitment are the main priorities. It’s all about taking responsibility.
Gabrielle Cassard, CSR Project Manager, EOS France

This is a great social project involving employees at EOS France. It fits perfectly with our CSR approach and our desire to have a positive impact on the environment.

Gabrielle Cassard
CSR Project Manager, EOS France
Read more about the CR projects involving EOS France here.
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