Fair debt collection: A question - EOS has concrete answers - EOS Group
Fair debt collection: A defaulting consumer processes his payment easily and anonymously by smartphone.
  • How do we handle defaulting consumers? EOS is aware of its responsibility.
  • A Group-wide policy ensures that defaulting consumers are treated fairly and respectfully.
  • National initiatives protect particularly vulnerable defaulting consumers from excessive financial burden.
  • Digital portals such as myEOS allow defaulting consumers to resolve concerns quickly and anonymously.
For many people, debt collection companies and social responsibility are not regarded as a compatible combination, which is essentially due to the fact that debt collection is often accompanied by conflict. In order to do justice not only to its own customers, but also to defaulting consumers, the EOS Group constantly asks itself the question: What form does fair treatment of these consumers take?

Long-term debt relief, support in times of need.

In response to this question, EOS has devised five principles for fair and responsible treatment, which will apply henceforth to every employee in the Group. Under the terms of this international policy, EOS is committed to using simple and straightforward language, and to acting in a responsible and tactful manner.

Several national initiatives are also in place across the individual subsidiaries, which cater to the local needs of defaulting consumers and support them in finding sustainable debt relief. The focus of these initiatives is on providing services that are aimed at protecting vulnerable defaulting consumers. People in financial distress due to serious illness are among those considered vulnerable.
Fair debt collection: Two EOS employees discuss how to handle defaulting consumers responsibly.
Fair debt collection: Two EOS employees discuss how to handle defaulting consumers responsibly.

Customised solutions in difficult times. 

If, for example, a defaulting consumer in Switzerland is unable to settle outstanding debts due to illness or other adverse circumstances, a personal debtor advisory service can be engaged in a bid to create a suitable debt relief plan that fits the defaulting consumer’s individual situation. In Spain and Romania too, EOS offers particularly vulnerable defaulting consumers a personal advisory service and flexible, tailor-made payment plans. In cases of particularly severe financial hardship, a discount on the outstanding amount or the suspension of debt collection effects can be arranged. EOS is also working on a program in Poland that will offer psychological support to people suffering personal crises.

Anonymous management via self-service portals.

While severe financial hardship tends to be an exception, many defaulting consumers value the ability to manage payment processes quickly and anonymously. Digital portals therefore provide them with the means to resolve their concerns using the self-service principle and without the need to engage an EOS employee. A direct payment can be made quickly and conveniently without having to log in. EOS in Germany provides the facility to adjust the rate on the move in just a few steps using a slider on a smart phone, or at home on a computer. An extensive range of payment options are available, including credit card, Apple Pay, or PayPal. The aim is to make an unpleasant situation as pleasant as possible for those involved – and also to show that debt collection and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.

If your company is looking for a responsible debt collection service provider, please get in touch.

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