The Managing Director of EOS Faktor Zrt. will help bring about greater transparency and regulation on the Hungarian receivables management market - EOS Group
April 17, 2019 – The Association of Hungarian CMS Companies and Business Information Providers (MAKISZ) held a renewal meeting on March 27, 2019. At the meeting, a new 7-member Executive Board was appointed and Péter Thummerer, Managing Director of EOS Faktor Zrt. and EOS KSI Kft., elected President.

According to the new President, MAKISZ has become a major advocacy organization in the field of financial services in recent years. "The most important priority for us is to continue the excellent work started by the previous President. In the receivables management segment, our most challenging goal is to support the passing of sector legislation to provide greater transparency, regulation, and thus greater security for both debtors and market participants. Naturally, we will continue our extensive professional collaboration with the representatives of supervisory authorities as well," Péter Thummerer said.

MAKISZ was established in 1993 with the aim of bringing claims management companies and providers of business information services together through its professional activities and helping them protect their interests. These activities assist companies with collecting their legitimate claims, thereby maintaining their liquidity, and ensure that they have sufficient information about their existing or potential partners in order to reduce the risks involved in conducting their business. In addition, MAKISZ takes on an important role in training professionals, as it provides a large number of trainers for the Qualified Debt Management Training offered by the International Banker Training Company.

MAKISZ membership is open to any enterprise that meets the requirements of the statutes and ethical standards, and it has already established its ability to do business legally, effectively, and adequately in order to meet the client needs over the long term.

Members of the MAKISZ Executive Board: Péter Thummerer (President), Péter Felfalusi (Member of the Board), Dr. Hajnalka Csorbai (Member of the Board), Krisztina Jávorszky (Member of the Board), Kornél Bódizs (Member of the Board), Attila Kalocsai (Member of the Board), Gyula Antolik (Member of the Board), Ákos Nemes (Secretary).

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Thummerer Péter
Péter Thummerer, Managing Director of EOS Faktor Zrt. and EOS KSI Kft.