EOS Group continues to expand with new company in Portugal - EOS Group
Hamburg, July 11, 2022 – The EOS Group has set up a new national subsidiary in Portugal. From July 2022, the Lisbon-based company operating under the name FONTEOS will begin to establish itself as a provider of receivables management services on the Portuguese market. The company will be under the management of Luís Chaves, who has long-standing experience in the Portuguese receivables market.

This development allows EOS to continue to grow as an international investor. The company is now represented in 25 countries across Europe. “Alongside our strong financial KPIs and unrivaled expertise, our greatest strengths are our international presence and our diversity. With this new company in Portugal we can continue to build on this expertise and expand our network,” says Marwin Ramcke, CEO of the EOS Group. “I am extremely pleased that we have reached such a significant milestone in terms of the number of countries that EOS is operating in. That’s 25 good reasons to celebrate.”
Headshot of the Chairman of the EOS Board of Directors, Marwin Ramcke
Marwin Ramcke, CEO of the EOS Group

Focus on receivables purchasing

The EOS subsidiary aims to focus on the purchase of secured and unsecured debt portfolios and real estate. “With the new company in Portugal we are reinforcing our market position as one of the leading receivables management companies in Europe,” says Andreas Witzig, the EOS Group director with responsibility for Western Europe. “Portugal offers considerable potential for the purchasing of receivables packages. I am proud of the entire team that has made it possible to establish the new company.”
Headshot of the EOS Board member, Dr. Andreas Witzig
Andreas Witzig, the EOS Group director with responsibility for Western Europe

About EOS Group

The EOS Group is a leading technology-driven investor and service provider in the receivables management industry. With over 45 years of experience, EOS offers some 20,000 customers in 25 countries (as of: fiscal year 2022/23) around the world smart services for all their receivables management needs. Its key target sectors are banking, real estate, telecommunications, utilities and e-commerce. EOS employs more than 6,000 people and is part of the Otto Group.

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